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Corey Clement's High School Teacher Fulfills Promise to Give Him BMW Once He Gets to NFL

Corey Clement's high school guidance counselor promised him her family's BMW if he made the league. 

Corey Clement's guidance counselor apparently promised him when he was in ninth grade that if he made the NFL, she'd give him her family's BMW, a car he frequently asked about. Clement went on to star at Wisconsin, and though he wasn't drafted, Clement has stuck with the Eagles and now joins LaGarrette Blount and Jay Ajayi to form Philly's three-pronged running back attack. 

Per the Arizona Star's Zack Rosenblatt:

A few thoughts on this: first and foremost, that guidance counselor is cool as hell. You'd think the bet would be that Clement would use his NFL salary to buy her the car. Secondly, Clement technically wasn't "drafted" to the NFL, but we'll assume that playing significant time for the league's best team qualifies as a win on Clement's end. 

As an undrafted rookie, Clement only received $25,000 in guaranteed money for the season. The rest of his paycheck is dependent upon him remaining on the active roster. So this gift will certainly be appreciated.