The ol' switcheroo worked to perfection for the Bears. 

December 31, 2017

The Bears are going to miss the playoffs yet again, so why not take some risks and have fun with it in Week 17?

That's exactly what Chicago did on this punt return in Minnesota. The Bears sent one punt returner out to stand on the right side of the field, but if you look closely you can see another guy kneeling next to Chicago's sideline.

That kneeling player, Bryce Callahan, popped up to field the punt, unbeknownst to virtually any Vikings player. He jetted up the sideline untouched for a touchdown that cut Minnesota's lead to 14-7. 

That's exactly how you draw that play up, and this is what's fun about Week 17. Sure, plenty of teams have virtually nothing to play for, but that leads to a bunch of weird plays like this one. 

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