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How Many Times Have the Vikings Gone to the Super Bowl?

The Vikings have never won the big game, but they have been there more than a lot of teams.

The Vikings have made four trips to the Super Bowl in their 57 years as a team.

Minnesota's first appearance in the Super Bowl was Super Bowl IV in 1970 when the Chiefs toppled the Vikings 23-7. They returned to the Super Bowl four years later to face off against the Dolphins in Super Bowl VIII in 1974, and lost 24-7.

The next season Minnesota was back for its third Super Bowl trip in six seasons, but Super Bowl IX also went in the direction of the other team as the Steelers won the game 16-6. The Vikings last Super Bowl appearance came in 1977 in Super Bowl XI when they faced the Raiders. Just like the previous three trips, Minnesota lost, this time 32-14.

The last time the Vikings made the NFC Championship Game was in 2010 when they lost to the Saints 31-28 in overtime.

It has been 41 seasons since the Vikings last trip to the Super Bowl. If Minnesota can make it back this season, it will be the first team to play the Super Bowl in its own stadium.