How Much Are Super Bowl Tickets?

Some of the best deals on Super Bowl tickets will cost you more than a car. 
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If your NFL team is still in Super Bowl contention and you can think about buying tickets to the game in Minneapolis, congratulations, but you better be prepared to pay a small fortune. 

With about four weeks to go before the game, tickets will cost you well over $3,000 just to get in the door—and that’s just for the cheapest tickets. 

As of Jan. 11, the median price of a Super Bowl ticket on VividSeats is $5,382. 

Ticket prices could still fluctuate wildly before the actual game, too. Yahoo’s Charles Robinson spoke to several ticket brokers in Minneapolis who are waiting to see how the hometown Vikings fare and how that will impact the ticket market.

“Right now the Vikings are everything,” one broker told Robinson. “Either you own tickets and are waiting for the Vikings to make it [into the Super Bowl] and drive up demand – or you don’t own tickets but you [pre-sold packages] and you need the Vikings out of it so things bottom out and you fill orders cheaply.”