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Roger Goodell ‘Concerned’ About Catch Rule, Promises Review Before Next Season

Roger Goodell has heard fans’ complaints about the NFL’s flawed catch rule. 

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell conceded Monday that the league’s rules about what constitutes a catch need to be examined. 

“I’m not just somewhat concerned [about fan confusion over the rule],” Goodell said during a radio interview with Fox’s Colin Cowherd. “I am concerned.”

Goodell said he recently sought input from five Hall of Fame receivers on the issue and one of them posited that “fans want catches.” The league’s competition committee will revisit the issue in February or March, Goodell said. 

We’ve been debating the NFL’s catch rule since Dez Bryant’s controversial overturned catch against the Packers in Jan. 2015 and the issue didn’t die down during this season. There was renewed focus on the rule after Jesse James’s overturned touchdown in the wild Week 15 Steelers-Patriots game. 

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