TB12 was hyped to see Randy Moss, who was voted into the Hall of Fame this year. 

By Daniel Rapaport
February 04, 2018

If you're going to distract Tom Brady before the literal Super Bowl, you better be a pretty important person. 

Randy Moss—now Hall of Famer Randy Moss—certainly qualifies. 

Moss called out to his former quarterback ("T-Boy") as Brady ran out of the tunnel before he goes for his sixth Super Bowl title. Upon seeing Moss, Brady came over and dapped him up while yelling "LET'S GO!" 

Brady and Moss led what might be the best offense in NFL history—in 2007, Moss caught 23 touchdowns from Brady, the NFL record for most touchdown catches in a single season. That season famously ended in an upset loss to the Giants, so Brady will be hoping for a different outcome this time around. 

Side note: Brady before big games is on a whole other level of intensity. That scream...he's ready. 

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