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By Conor Orr
August 06, 2018

Raiders fans may have gotten a new Jon Gruden offense, but it seems like they’ve gotten the same old head coach when it comes to his approach in the locker room.

Earlier in the offseason, I interviewed a handful of Buccaneers from Gruden’s Tampa Bay days and asked them about their best and worst experiences with the Super Bowl winning coach.

One of the main gripes? His utilization of press conferences to create a damaging narrative about a player who isn’t falling into line. You can read the piece here.

Since that story posted, Gruden has thrown some shade at Khalil Mack and, on Saturday, called out receiver Martavis Bryant. Before that, he sent a message to the locker room by cutting fun-loving punter (and 2016 second-team All-Pro) Marquette King.

While this toes the line of standard operating procedure for an NFL head coach, it represents one of the greatest contradictions in Gruden’s personal philosophy. He loves veteran-heavy teams because they can self-police and contribute to an all-football, no-nonsense atmosphere. But he also can’t help himself when the opportunity arises to take a public potshot at players who, he feels, need a little kick in the rear.

The problem? That doesn’t always fly for the over-25 crowd, because many veterans feel they’ve figured out how to survive to this point without someone crawling up their backside.

I think Gruden’s return to the NFL has been one of the most underreported football storylines of the offseason. Rarely do we see a hardened, old-school disciplinarian reinserted into the league after so much time away. Success in Oakland and Las Vegas could mean a dramatic shift for owners looking to replace their current options. Failure could mean harder leaning toward the Kyle Shanahan-Sean McVay school, where young minds connect with increasingly young talent. It’s true that McVay is a Gruden disciple, but he seems to be going about his business in a much different way.

Contractually, the coach has 10 years to figure this thing out. Will he get that long if it turns sour right away?

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