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YouTube Jabroni Jake Paul Tries to Beef With Dez Bryant, Dez Offers to Fight Him

Never try to trash-talk an NFL receiver. 

If you thought the Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather fight was a farce, get a load of what went down in England last weekend. 

The short version is that two YouTube stars—American Logan Paul and Brit KSI—challenged each other to a boxing match as a way to promote their channels and get hundreds of thousands of teens to fork over part of their allowance. More than 800,000 people bought the $10 YouTube pay-per-view and many others streamed it illegally on sites like Twitch.

Dez Bryant was apparently one of those people watching. He reached out to Paul over Twitter DM to offer his congratulations, or at least he thought he did—he actually DM’d Paul’s younger brother, Jake, who fought another YouTuber named Deji before Logan’s main event. Jake wasn’t pleased with the mixup and tried to dunk on Dez. 

But if there’s one type of person you should never try to trash-talk it’s NFL wide receivers, so Dez had a perfect response. 

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But seriously, cut Dez some slack. Any of us could have confused the Paul brother who lost the ability to monetize his YouTube videos after he cracked jokes about suicide and used a taser on a dead rat with the Paul brother who got fired by Disney Channel for terrorizing his neighbors.