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Richard Sherman Says Another Lockout Is 'Going to Happen' in 2021 After the CBA Expires

The current NFL CBA expires at the end of the 2020 season.

The current NFL CBA that was signed prior to the 2011 season is set to expire after the 2020 season, and Richard Sherman, the 49ers' player representative for the NFLPA, said he expects for there to be another lockout when that deal expires.

The 49ers players had a meeting Wednesday to discuss a potential lockout and various other worker issues like workers' comp and benefits. Sherman told reporters Thursday, "There wasn't concern" about what the future would hold in terms of another lockout.

"It's going to happen, so it's not like guys are guessing on that one" Sherman said.

Sherman noted that the previous lockout is why he is so sure there will be another one come 2021. There are numerous problems that have been brought up with the current CBA that will likely have to be addressed when it is time to renegotiate such as the power commissioner Roger Goodell has when it comes to disciplinary matters, a lack of guaranteed contracts and the revenue split.

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"We don't plan on changing anything about the deal we currently have right now, so I don't think it's going to be negotiated before the end of the CBA, so it's going to cause a lockout and we'll deal with it from there," Sherman said.

The previous work stoppage lasted about five months during 2011, spanning from March into July. Sherman added that he is planning to have more conversations about the long-term status of a new labor deal when the NFLPA has its annual meeting in 2019.