Jamal Adams jets safety losing culture comments

By Charlotte Carroll
November 13, 2018

On Tuesday, Jets safety Jamal Adams stood by his comments from the offseason where he said New York had a losing culture.

Adams made the original comments in an August interview with Bleacher Report. Since then, the Jets have gone 3–7 with their most recent defeat coming this weekend against the Bills.

In an interview with WFAN on Tuesday, Adams was asked if the culture has changed since he made the comments.

“I could sit here and sugarcoat everything, but things haven’t changed," Adams said, according to The Athletic's Connor Hughes. "Obviously we’re still losing."

He voiced support for coach Todd Bowles who fans have called for to be fired. When asked what has to change if not the coaching staff, Adams said he leaves it to those upstairs.

Adams also said "guys didn't come to play." He said words were exchanged during halftime, adding "you can only say so much." But he said, "I know damn well I ain't quitting."

Adams added New York planned on quarterback Josh Allen playing instead of Matt Barkley in the 41–10 loss to Buffalo.

The frustration is clearly there for Adams, who after the Jets third straight loss Nov. 4, told reporters he "is not a loser." The Jets will face the Patriots on Nov. 25 after a bye week.

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