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Is the Butt Fumble Still Funny When Mark Sanchez Is Laughing About it?

Mark Sanchez had some fun with a reporter who asked about his infamous Thanksgiving turnover.

It's been six years since Mark Sanchez committed one of the funniest turnovers in recent NFL history and the former Jets quarterback is finally getting in on the jokes.

You all know the play.

The Jets were hosting the Patriots on Thanksgiving in 2012, and while trailing 14-0 in the second quarter, Sanchez looked to escape the pocket. However, he never really left the pocket. He ran into offensive lineman Brandon Moore's rear end and then fumbled the ball. New England's Steve Gregory recovered the fumble and returned it for a touchdown.


As if that wasn't bad enough, Sanchez didn't even get back on the field following his commical error until after the Jets fumbled the ensuing kickoff from the Gregory scoop-and-score and gave up another fumble return touchdown to the Patriots.

Well, Sanchez is now getting ready for his first start with the Washington Redskins, three years after his last NFL start, and he can't escape the play.

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However, that nationally televised moment from 2012 is not a haunting memory for the No. 5 pick from the 2009 draft, "it's one play" in a career that also features two AFC championship appearances and a playoff win over Tom Brady in New England.

It's great to see Sanchez recognize the humor in the situation and it's even better he was able to flip it in his favor.

Maybe that's because when he replaced injured quarterback Colt McCoy in Washington's loss to the Eagles on Monday, Sanchez had some reverse fortune when it came to a fumbled football and a butt.

Will recovering a fumble with his booty lead to Mark Sanchez going on an unbleivable run to close out the regular season to help Washington make the playoffs? That would entirely flipp the script on how things went for him after the butt fumble.

Who knows...

But now that we all know Sanchez can laugh about the butt fumble, it means we need to start working on even more creative jokes about the butt fumble to hit Sanchez with in press conferences.