Super Bowl LIII Features Record-Setting Age Gaps Between Quarterbacks and Coaches

The age differences between the Patriots quarterback and coach compared to the Rams quarterback and coach is drastic.
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When the Rams and Patriots face off in Super Bowl LIII on Feb. 3, the game will feature the biggest age gaps between opposing quarterbacks and opposing coaches.

Los Angeles quarterback Jared Goff will be only 24 years old when he takes the field for the championship. Goff will be the fourth-youngest quarterback to start in a Super Bowl and he will have a chance to become the second-youngest quarterback to win the award.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is currently the second-youngest to win a championship while starting at his position, but he will be 41 in his second career Super Bowl against the Rams. Brady was already the oldest quarterback to ever start a Super Bowl and he will top his own mark this season. The 17-year difference between the quarterbacks will be the largest difference in a Super Bowl ever.

Rams coach Sean McVay will become the youngest coach ever in a Super Bowl as he will be 33 at the time of the game. The Patriots meanwhile will have 66-year-old Bill Belichick manning the helm.

The 33-year gap between the coaches' ages will also be a record.