Tom Brady Says LeBron James Is the Better Athlete Between the Two, but Is That True?

It's time to settle the debate.
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For nearly 20 years now, we've had the pleasure of watching two of the greatest athletes in the history of team sports in Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Lakers forward LeBron James.

Both players are frequently mentioned in the conversation of greatest of all time in their respective sports and for good reason. Brady is head to a record ninth Super Bowl looking for a sixth win and James has been to nine NBA Finals—eight straight going into this season—and won a championship for a Cleveland sports franchise.

They both have a claim to being the G.O.A.T.

When talking with media Tuesday ahead of Super Bowl LIII, Brady offered his thoughts on how the two athletes compare.

"We're similar athletes, LeBron and I," Brady said. "Both great size and speed. Jumping ability. Shooting. Not quite. No, he's a much better athlete than me."

But is LeBron a "much better athlete" than Brady?

If they did a combine like test of raw physical abilities, it seems likely James would win. You've seen them both run.

But there are other skills and traits that should be accounted for when determining athleticism outside of size, speed, jumping and shooting a basketball. James has the advantage in those, but what about other characteristics of athleticism. Who has the edge?


Well, this one kinda has to go to Tom. He plays quarterback.

But, the gap here is smaller than it is for the categories LeBron leads.


I mean, we know the answer to this.

Point James.


Maybe Brady can make up some ground here. Sure, he's a quarterback, but he's also known for doing all of the little things. So he can probably toss a good block from time to time, right?

Well, how is LeBron in this category?

Oh yeah. That play.

Ok, Brady might be right about LeBron being a better athlete.

But no matter what happens Sunday, at least Brady will have a better record in the championship round of his sport.