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DeSean Jackson Says He Would Like to Play With Los Angeles Rams

Jackson still has one year remaining on his contract with Tampa Bay.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver DeSean Jackson would like to become a member of the Los Angeles Rams.

Speaking on the Simms and Lefkoe Podcast with Michael Vick on Tuesday, Jackson told Vick he wasn't sure if he would like to play for the San Francisco 49ers but could see himself joining the Rams. Jackson still remains under contract with the Buccaneers for one more season.

"I don't know about Frisco, man. State tax is crazy, man," Jackson said. "That is home too though. I don't know. ... If anything, I would like to kind of end up in L.A., being a Ram. Sean McVay, you know, we got some connection from when I was in D.C., but we'll see how it plays out, man. Right now, I got another year in Tampa. So we'll see how it plays out, man."

Jackson added that his preferred destination would include a coach and quarterback who understand a veteran player's needs.

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"You have some coaches that have the old-school mentality, where, 'You gotta go to practice. You gotta do it this way.' But we're like, 'As long as when Sunday comes, in between the white lines we do what it takes, we know what needs to be done,'" Jackson said. "Not to say anything bad about anybody else, but you have younger guys that need the reps on a Friday where they have to see it, like, 'I need to see me throwing my hardest.' I'm like, 'Bro, I'm in my 11th year. Like, lets calm it down a little bit. Let's get ready for Sunday so I can be good.' But having a guy like that, like I feel like in my career right now, that's where I'm at, I need a guy that understands that, ya know, sometimes every rep in practice you don't need that, but as long as game time comes, you get that, it's there."

Jackson first hinted he wanted out of Tampa Bay in December, when he reportedly had a verbal exchange with now-former Bucs coach Dirk Koetter over what Koetter believed was a "lack of effort" from Jackson. Jackson was also unhappy with the lack of chemistry between him and quarterback Jameis Winston, whom Jackson felt did not deserve to be the starter over Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Jackson previously vented his frustrations with his role in the Buccaneers’ offense.

NFL teams are not permitted to contact Jackson directly because the 11-year pro is currently signed with the Buccaneers next season with a $10 million non-guaranteed base salary. Jackson is also not allowed to negotiate with other teams as long as he's under contract.

Jackson finished the 2018 season with 41 receptions for 774 yards and four touchdowns.