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Kyler Murray Awkwardly Dodges Football and Baseball Questions in Painful Interview

But hey, he got his check from Gatorade anyway.

As soon as the Super Bowl is over, Kyler Murray is going to be the biggest story in sports. This year’s Heisman Trophy winner was also a top-10 pick in last year’s MLB draft and doesn’t have very long to pick between football and baseball.

It’s a unique and endlessly intriguing situation, so he must know he’s going to be asked about it in every interview he does until he makes his decision. And yet, Murray appeared totally unprepared to address the conundrum during his appearance Friday on The Dan Patrick Show

Patrick repeatedly tried to get Murray to give even the slightest hint of what his plans might be and Murray wasn’t playing along. 

(The whole interview is worth watching, but things get particularly awkward beginning at the 1:43 mark.)

It wasn’t nearly as cringeworthy as Patrick’s infamous Qualcomm-centric 2013 interview with Matt Harvey but it’s still astounding that Murray wasn’t better prepared. Shouldn’t his handlers have gone over a rote answer to give? Something like, “I have a very difficult decision to make and I’m going to take all the time I’m able too.” It shouldn’t be that hard! But hey, he got his check from Gatorade anyway.