He’s unrecognizable!

By Dan Gartland
February 08, 2019

Casual football fans who only watch the Patriots in the Super Bowl might not have any idea what Julian Edelman’s face looks like.

For the past few years, New England’s star receiver has been letting his beard grow throughout the season. By the time the playoffs roll around, Edelman’s beard is so thick it’s a wonder he’s still able to buckle his chin strap.

Icon Sportswire/Getty Images

But Edelman usually goes with a more clean-cut look in the offseason, so with the season over it’s time for his annual shave. Edelman didn’t go to a barber, though. He went on Ellen and let Ellen DeGeneres shave his beard off in exchange for a $10,000 donation to the Boys & Girls Club of Boston. 

Edelman actually appeared genuinely caught off guard by Ellen’s proposition but was still game enough not only to take her up on the offer but also match the donation with $10,000 of his own money. He might have offered up a little more money if he knew Tom Brady’s own charity shave netted $35,000 for the Boys & Girls Club. 

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