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Former Bills QB JP Losman Turned Down an NFL Comeback

JP Losman last played in the NFL in 2011.

JP Losman was reportedly asked by an NFL team if he had any interest in making a comeback after quarterbacking at Clemson's pro day for the Tigers' league-bound wide receivers and defensive backs on Thursday.

The 38-year-old Losman declined. He's currently an offensive coach at Clemson. He spent seven seasons in the NFL and last played for the Dolphins in 2011. The Bills drafted him in the first round of the 2004 NFL draft.

Here's what we know: Losman was asked about interest in an NFL comeback. We don't know the context of the inquiry. Perhaps it was a simple, unassuming mention, like, "You ever consider an NFL comeback?" As opposed to pulling him aside and seriously asking if he wants to return. But then why would Schefter tweet it? Who knows.

What we do know: Losman signed deals worth an estimated $12 million in total cash during his NFL career. While the life of a backup quarterback is often glamorized, at this stage in life, he probably doesn't have any incentive to play pro football ever again.

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Since Losman has been out of the league, the Bills haven't had much fortune at the quarterback position. But they do appear to have found recent success having reached the playoffs behind Tyrod Taylor in 2017, then adding Josh Allen in the 2018 draft.