A former Georgia police officer has been charged with battery for how he treated former NFL player Desmond Marrow during an arrest in December 2017, according to Christine Fonville of the Marietta Daily Journal.

While Marrow was being arrested video was recorded showing former Henry County officer David Rose choking Marrow until he went unconscious. He is accused of intentionally making physical contact of an insulting and provoking nature to Marrow by grabbing him by the neck and choking him.

Marrow was initially being arrested on charges of terroristic threats, felony obstruction of a law enforcement officer, reckless driving and aggressive driving. He posted the video of his arrest after he was released.

"During the arrest the police knocked my teeth out, slammed me on my head and choked me out until I was unconscious," Marrow said in a statement. "I thought I was going to die."

The district attorney dropped the felony obstruction charge.

Rose is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday.

Marrow’s attorneys, L. Chris Stewart, Andrea Price Boyd and Gerald Griggs, released a statement to the Associated Press on Friday and said they are pleased Rose has been charged.

“It is a historic day for civil rights and justice, showing all people that you will be held accountable even if you wear a badge and break the law,” the statement says. “We pray that the Henry County Board of Commissioners also resolves the civil lawsuit regarding their charged former officer and heal the community fully.”