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Bengals Owner Mike Brown on Vote Against Revised Replay: 'I'd Rather Just Play the Game'

NFL owners voted 31–1 in favor of allowing offensive and defensive pass interference to be subject to a coach's challenge.

The Cincinnati Bengals' Mike Brown was the only NFL owner who voted against allowing offensive and defensive pass interference during the league's annual meetings earlier this week.

Replay revisions surrounding pass interference passed 31–1. The changes had been reportedly championed by Saints coach Sean Payton, whose team suffered a 26–23 overtime defeat to the Rams in the NFC Championship Game after a controversial no-call late in regulation.

Brown explained his reasoning for not wanting changes on replay to pass, suggesting that he feels the adjustments interrupt the game.

"It changes the character of the game, in my mind," Brown told reporters. "I think it's in some ways sort of odd to see people all sitting there waiting for somebody in New York to tell them it is or it isn't. I'd rather just play the game."

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Brown and his father, Paul, have been against implementing major replay changes since the 1970s.

"Well, I've been in that position before," Brown said. "I just vote with my conscience and how I see it. I'm not trying to be offensive. I understand if someone else doesn't want to go my way."