Each team will play 16 regular season games, but which ones will play the most during primetime slots?

By Emily Caron
April 17, 2019

The NFL announced the 2019 season schedule on Wednesday, revealing the times, dates and matchups for each team's 16 regular season games.

Each team will play the same number of games, but certain teams are scheduled for more Sunday, Monday and Thursday night games than others. This season, 10 teams have five games slated to take place under primetime lights. The Bears, Cowboys, Chiefs, Steelers, Rams, Eagles, Vikings, Seahawks and Packers also earned five primetime nods.

The pageantry of NFL night games leads the league to try and place the best potential matchups in those time slots—whether that'd be powerhouses like the Patriots, division rivalries or potential postseason showdowns.

Here is a look at the entire schedule of 2019 night games, some of which are subject to change. With the NFL's "flexible scheduling" on Sundays in the second half of the season, teams can play their way onto primetime if they become the best matchup of the Sunday slate.

Here is the full list of primetime games:

Thursday Night Football:

Week 1: Packers vs. Bears

Week 2: Buccaneers vs. Panthers

Week 3: Titans vs. Jaguars

Week 4: Eagles vs. Packers

Week 5: Rams vs. Seahawks

Week 6: Giants vs. Patriots

Week 7: Chiefs vs. Broncos

Week 8: Redskins vs. Vikings

Week 9: 49ers vs. Cardinals

Week 10: Chargers vs. Raiders

Week 11: Steelers vs. Browns

Week 12: Colts vs. Texans

Week 14: Cowboys vs. Bears

Week 15: Jets vs. Ravens

Sunday Night Football:

Week 1: Steelers vs. Patriots

Week 2: Eagles vs. Falcons

Week 3: Rams vs. Browns

Week 4: Cowboys vs. Saints

Week 5: Colts vs. Chiefs 

Week 6: Steelers vs. Chargers

Week 7: Eagles vs. Cowboys

Week 8: Packers vs. Chiefs

Week 9: Patriots vs. Ravens

Week 10: Vikings vs. Cowboys

Week 11: Bears vs. Rams

Week 12: Seahawks vs. Eagles

Week 13: Patriots vs. Texans

Week 14: Seahawks vs. Rams

Week 15: Vikings vs. Chargers

Week 16: Bears vs. Chiefs

Monday Night Football

Week 1:

• Texans vs. Saints

• Broncos vs. Raiders

Week 2: Browns vs. Jets

Week 3: Bears vs. Redskins

Week 4: Bengals vs. Steelers

Week 5: Browns vs. 49ers

Week 6: Lions vs. Packers

Week 7: Patriots vs. Jets

Week 8: Dolphins vs. Steelers

Week 9: Cowboys vs. Giants

Week 10: Seahawks vs. 49ers

Week 11: Chiefs vs. Chargers

Week 12: Ravens vs. Rams

Week 13: Vikings vs. Seahawks

Week 14: Giants vs. Eagles

Week 15: Colts vs. Saints

Week 16: Packers vs. Vikings


Week 13: 

• Bears vs. Lions

• Bills vs. Cowboys

• Saints vs. Falcons


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