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The NFL may soon provide some clarity on the future of Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill. Hill, who is currently not with the team, will meet with the league’s investigators sometime this week.

In the Roger Goodell era, where power is consolidated at the top, there have been countless situations where a difficult, and, in the moment, nebulous infraction has to be penalized. It’s true that the Johnson County district attorney’s office dropped their active investigation into abuse allegations against Hill. But it’s also true that district attorney Steve Howe admitted in a press conference that, “we believe a crime has occurred; however, the evidence in this case does not conclusively establish who committed this crime.” The Kansas Department for Children and Families is still looking into the matter. A lawyer for Hill has challenged the accusations. 

The NFL has penalized players without formal charges being filed, or without an arrest being made. The challenge ahead for the league is to figure out a way to place this all into perspective, including the fact that Hill has a history of dangerous and violent behavior with women.

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