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Host Albert Breer hits the biggest news topics (Tyreek Hill’s non-suspension, impending training camp holdouts, Odell Beckham’s comments in GQ) and answers all of your questions before he heads out on his NFL training camp trip. 

BREER: News topic No. 4: Julio Jones's deal is still not done.

I have to think this is going to get done. This guy has set such a high standard, has done everything the right way. He's the kind of guy who... and look, they paid Grady Jarrett, and they paid Deion Jones—and those are two promising young players, and I'm sure they were excited to have those guys done. But Julio Jones is the guy who, if you're not paying him, who are you paying? He does everything right. Team Guy. Clutch. That catch in the Super Bowl should have won the Super Bowl for the Atlanta Falcons, and that catch, that catch is what the Edelman catch became. Like the Edelman catch became the iconic moment of that Super Bowl. If the Falcons just handle their business at the end of that game, right, and not get knocked out of field-goal range, that Julio catch, that Julio catch is that moment.

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I talked to DQ, I talked to Dan Quinn about it on Sunday. They're in such a great spot right now because they're as good as they've been offensively. They've got good coaching infrastructure on that side of the ball and all these really good young defensive players: Keanu Neal, Deion Jones, Grady Jarrett, all these guys are coming of age now. The timing just seems right.

And so I think getting Julio done would be a little bit like—and the circumstances are different—when the Jets got Darrelle Revis done in 2010, and that propelled them to the AFC title game. Now long term that didn't work out. But I think that that was sort of that pushed them into the season, and they wound up being a very, very good team.