As fantasy football leagues get more competitive, it's more important than ever to find tools that will set you apart. Nowadays everyone plays fantasy. Most people in your competitive league will know all the players—the rookies, the sleepers, the breakouts and more. Strategies that may have been smart 10 years are well-known.

So how do you stay ahead? You can start my checking out FullTime Fantasy's tools below. Familiarizing yourself with these will give you an edge against any competition.

Customizable Rankings

FullTime Fantasy’s award-winning rankings will help you dominate your fantasy football draft! Why settle for generic rankings? Customize your rankings tailored towards your league! Remember, rankings are much more accurate when you match them to your particular scoring system and roster size. FullTime’s Customizable Rankings is a member-only feature. Take a few minutes to plug in your scoring settings, and by the end of draft day, you will know it was well worth the small investment.

Draft Order Generator

Are you the commissioner of your fantasy league? Do you need a fair way to determine the draft order? This free tool will create a random order for your fantasy league draft and email it to all the owners. It's like an automatic lottery for your draft.

Strength of Schedule

Strength of schedule is an important tool in the arsenal of serious fantasy football drafters. By knowing what players have easier schedules, you'll be able to make the hard decisions between two players.

Our Strength of Schedule rankings are based on fantasy points (performance scoring) allowed by position. Number one is the easiest/most favorable schedule for that position and 32 is the hardest/least favorable schedule. Number one means that the opponents that the team faces during the selected period allow the most fantasy points. Our table has sortable headers per position, and per period of the schedule. 

For example, the team listed as No. 1 for QBs has the most-favorable schedule for the selected time frame because those opponents surrendered the most fantasy points to QBs over the time period selected.

Fantasy Depth Charts

Accessing NFL depth charts is one thing, but our depth charts are tailored toward fantasy football. If a player is second on the team's NFL depth chart, but is performing worse than the player behind him, we will update the depth chart based on fantasy production. Our fantasy football depth charts are updated every single week of the season and throughout the offseason.

Dynasty Rankings

Do you play dynasty football? Are you interested in rookie rankings or overall dynasty startup rankings? Scott Atkins, a worldwide known dynasty player, provides you with this service to help prepare you for your rookie or startup draft. Check out his rankings and sort them by position.

Preseason Pro


Here at FullTime Fantasy, we've assembled the very best players in the world, 5 of the Top 10 World Ranked Players, to help you win your fantasy football league. Each of them has provided us with their respective top sleeper, breakout, bust, comeback and late-round stash and cash players to help you with your upcoming draft. These picks alone have been valued at $29 and in the past and Preseason Pro has flown off the shelves.  These picks are now FREE with a FullTime Fantasy subscription.

Advanced ADP 

Looking for a more accurate measure of where experts are drafting a certain player? Advanced ADP is based on the 10 most recent high-stakes fantasy football drafts. Things change fast. Find out the exact window of opportunity for the key players you are looking to target the most.

Mock Draft World Championship

Easy. Fast. Fun! Enter the Mock Draft World Championship. Submit your free team, then watch it climb the standings all year long as you fight for the $2,500 prize or The Ultimate Fantasy Football Experience, a trip to Vegas to compete in the Main Event next year!

Fantasy Points Allowed

The ultimate in-matchup preparation. Our Fantasy Points Allowed Tool shows you the other side of fantasy scoring. It’s not about what your player does against other teams, it’s about what the defense he is facing does against players at his position. Similar to the Strength of Schedule Tool, Fantasy Points Allowed shows you exactly what each and every defense does against every position in an easy, clear, ranked system. This goes so in-depth that it even shows how many points each team gives up to opposing IDP (Individual Defensive Players). If you have lineup questions, this is a must-have tool every single week to make sure you can exploit the best possible matchups to give you the winning edge.

Defense by Committee

While there is not as large of a fantasy production drop off after you miss out on the top defenses, you can wait until later in the draft to select certain pairs, which maximize the fantasy points allowed to DEFs by the opponent. Click here to learn more about this tool.

QBBC - Quarterback by Committee 

Assuming you missed out on the top eight quarterbacks, there's a pretty big dropoff as far as fantasy production goes. Quarterback-by-Committee can be used by fantasy owners who rotate between two players to exploit favorable match-ups. Check out the pairs of players that maximize the fantasy points allowed to QBs by the opponent.

Ideal Bye Week Running Backs / Handcuffs

While handcuffing your stud running back (drafting his actual NFL backup) is critical in fantasy football, it's also important to draft players to fill in for him when he's on a bye. This page identifies the non-fantasy starting RBs that have the easiest match-ups on the stud's bye week.

Fantasy University

Never played fantasy football in your life? Nervous for your first draft against your buddies or co-workers! Fantasy University is perfect for you! We have several classes about different subjects that will have you feeling like an expert by the end of our training!


Not only do we have the best content in the industry, we have recently compiled an amazing Podcast Network! Of course Adam Ronis and Dr. Roto headline the FullTime Fantasy Podcast Network, but we also have a lot of other great on-air personalities that will be helping you throughout the drafting process and beyond.