Fish Smithson is back in Baltimore, where he earned his childhood nickname. 

By Khadrice Rollins
August 27, 2019

The Ravens made a roster move Tuesday and signed defensive back Fish Smithson as the regular season quickly approaches.

The move probably didn't catch your eye because most signings in late-August rarely spike interest. They mean a lot for depth and special teams units, but not much for Super Bowl predictions or fantasy football drafts.

But this signing carries some interest because Smithson is a Baltimore native. Oh, and his name is Fish and he has some enlightening personal anecdotes that make his name even more amazing than you first thought.

For starters, Fish (who has Anthony on his birth certificate) got his name from his grandmother. And he told NBC Sports Washington back when he was with the Redskins that she chose the name because of his fear of the creatures.

"I'm from Baltimore, Maryland, so I use to go fishing with my grandfather a lot," Smithson explained. "And when I was younger, he used to reel the fish in, reel it into the boat, and I used to always run from it."

As if being named after something you used to be afraid of isn't bad enough, Smithson also noted in that interview that his name is actually super ironic when you get him near water. He can't swim.

A man who goes by Fish, can't do the one thing fish do. And I’ve got a hard time believing that he likes Phish either so he has no real connection to his namesake.

He added that he is no longer fearful of fish, but you'd have to imagine he's probably a bit jealous since they can something he can't.

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