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Uni Watch's Best and Worst Looks From Week 1 in the NFL

Which two teams produced the best-looking uniform combination during the Week 1 slate of games?

Uni Watch's Best-Looking Game of Week 1

Packers at Bears


It's not often that the best-looking game of the week takes place on Thursday, but that was the case this time around, as Thursday night's Packers-Bears season opener gets Uni Watch's top honors.

Both teams looked great from head to toe, from the Packers' perfect color scheme to the Bears' striped socks (a rarity in today's NFL, sadly). Both teams have had essentially these same looks forever, and with good reason—if it ain't broke, you don't fix it. And let's face it, with the NFL kicking off its 100th-anniversary season, this was pretty much the perfect old-school uniform matchup. Put it all on a natural grass field (which is always the case when these two teams face each other, of course) and you pretty much have the dictionary definition of how pro football is supposed to look.

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Vince and George would've been proud. Here's hoping they were watching from above.

Uni Watch's Worst-Looking Game of Week 1

Bengals at Seahawks


Truth to tell, there were no genuinely awful­-looking games this week. But every race has to have someone who comes in last, and this week it was the Bengals-Seahawks game. With Cincy's stripe-o-rama and Seattle's neon-accented scuba suits, this felt more like a meeting of two costumes, not two uniforms. The battle of the pants striping patterns alone was enough to make your friendly uniform columnist look away.

Still, it could be worse—and it will be. On Oct. 6, the Bengals are slated to host the Cardinals. Yikes.