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Jerry Jones Says 'You Should Expect' a Change to NFL's Marijuana Policy

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

In a radio interview on Friday, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones indicated that the league's marijuana policy would change in the next collective bargaining agreement. 

“I think the world is sensitive to the issue regarding marijuana,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan (KRLD-FM). “It’s also an issue contemporarily where we’re excited about being in step with the social and legal scene as it goes forward. And so, we not only have the interest of competitiveness in mind when it comes to any type of substance. We have the issue of the law, and we have the issue of the society focus on it."

Marijuana is currently a banned substance in the NFL, and repeated usage can lead to indefinite suspensions. However, recreational use is legal in 11 states and a number of others have legalized medical marijuana.

"All of that cause and does receive attention when you’re discussing this area with players, and I think that you should expect and will expect an adjustment of the contemporary way or the present way that marijuana is being thought about," Jones added.

On Thursday, as part of changes in a new joint drug agreement between MLB and the players’ association, MLB announced that marijuana will be removed from the list of "drugs of abuse" and will be treated the same as alcohol.

Jones was speaking following the NFL's winter meetings, which were held in Dallas this week. 

While on Friday the Cowboys' owner didn't comment on how talks with the NFLPA have progressed, it has previously been reported that the league is also looking to add another regular-season game, potentially by reducing the preseason. 

The 10-year CBA agreement between the league and the union runs through the 2020 season, and the two parties have been negotiating to try and avoid a work stoppage.