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NFL Schedule Release Shows Season on and League Lucky: Unchecked

 The NFL is on schedule and don’t you dare say otherwise.

The 2020 schedule release itself and commissioner Roger Goodell both express as much, with Goodell doing so slightly more politely in an internal memo writing, "Uninformed commentary that speculates on how individual clubs or the league will address a range of hypothetical contingencies serves no constructive purpose and instead confuses our fans and business partners, complicates the operations of other clubs, and distracts from the careful planning that is needed right now.”  

Now while I’d like to criticize the league for muzzling teams, it has worked for them. From free agency to the NFL Draft, the stories out of professional football have been mostly business as usual. Well, other than Goodell's basement. I actually think we’ve all spent more time discussing Tom Brady’s trip to the park than how the pandemic will impact the season. 

And in that sense, aside from proving its massive popularity, it also shows the L in NFL stands for Lucky. Somehow, the public aspects of their schedule have been derailed not at all, when if this had happened just a bit sooner the Super Bowl surely would've been canceled. Remember when J-Lo and Shakira outrage was all the rage? 

Look, I’m not mad, I want something to look forward to. Whatever the schedule says will be the best one I’ve ever seen just having sports on the calendar again. And we know the league will be fine with fans, teams, employees and anyone else talking about that. 

Lucky indeed.