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Gov. Phil Murphy Permits New Jersey Pro Sports Teams to Begin Training Camps

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy announced Tuesday that professional sports teams can return to training and competition if their leagues choose to do so.

"We have been in constant discussions with teams about necessary protocols to protect the health and safety of players, coaches, and personnel," Murphy said in a statement on Twitter.

Murphy's announcement comes two days after Gov. Andrew Cuomo granted New York professional sports teams permission to open their training camps. Cuomo said teams can return to play without fans in their stadiums. 

At the time, the Bills were presumably the only NFL team that Cuomo's announcement pertained to as both the Giants and Jets train in New Jersey. Now, those squads can start training as well.

A number of other states have already announced that they are re-opening to professional sports teams.

The NBA, NHL and MLB are still continuing to discuss possible methods that would allow for the resumption or start of their respective seasons. The NFL released its 2020 season schedule earlier this month and seemingly is preparing to start its season on time.