Patrick Mahomes Realizing With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: Unchecked

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Patrick Mahomes is not just the best player in the NFL, he is now clearly the face of the league.

Everyone should know the line made famous in Spider-Man by now, the one about great power coming with great responsibility. Well, we’re beginning to see Mahomes realize his influence, and use it with the same effectiveness he does his arm.

Mahomes recently said he would not stick to sports saying, “We are people too", when asked about athletes speaking out. And his presence in a video alongside other players demanding the NFL state that Black Lives Matter and admit to being wrong in its handling of protests reportedly was a significant factor in commissioner Roger Goodell quickly doing just that, according to what a league executive told The Undefeated.

That’s the kind of sway that can come with not only being the league’s best, but a transcendent talent at the quarterback position. 

It wasn’t long after the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl win that Mahomes declared he was only going to get better. A comment many sort of scoffed at because of how ridiculously good he is already. But Mahomes explained his game was improving mentally, as he started to “recognize more and more stuff”. It seems that is also true off the field. 

Because not only is Patrick Mahomes already a champion, MVP, and perhaps the best player I’ve ever seen; he could become the most powerful figure in the NFL as well. 

And it is nice to see the superstar QB using that power responsibly.

--Analysis from Joshua Brisco of Arrowhead Report:

Patrick Mahomes is the best player in the NFL at the most important position in the sport. But after the last week of statements and his comments to the media on Wednesday, it seems like he's ready to be, somehow, more than that. Mahomes, when asked about using his voice to create positive change, responded in a matter-of-fact way that shouldn't have put anyone on the defensive, but should have made a few things clear. "We are people too," he began. Sticking to sports will likely be remembered as a thing of past generations, and Mahomes has now shown that he's willing to use his voice and his status in the league to back a message that he finds worthy of support.