Mike Evans Says Tom Brady Would Text Film to Teammates at Midnight Ahead of Super Bowl

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You don't win seven Super Bowls by operating within normal business hours. 

On Michael Irvin's podcast on Thursday, Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans said that the five-time Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady would send film clips to his teammates at all hours ahead of their eventual 31–9 win over the Chiefs, according to The Tampa Bay Times' Rick Stroud. 

"He was texting us a lot of clips, lots and lots of film on what to expect on certain down and distances," Evans said. "And he does that all the time, but just in the playoffs and especially this game, he went above and beyond."

Not surprisingly, Brady's teammates were often sleeping when he wanted to talk film. 

"Like 12 at night, six in the morning," Evans said. "People aren't even up, and he's telling us this won't work against this guy. You've got to run it like this. This is the detail that went into this and the extra meetings and all the hard work. It all paid off and Tom is a great leader."

Running back Leonard Fournette has been vocal about Brady's effectiveness as a leader and recently spoke on a speech his quarterback gave ahead of the Super Bowl while on the Pardon My Take podcast. 

"I got to keep it between the team, but it was a powerful-(expletive) message that we all needed to hear," Fournette said. "I think it’s how he delivered it. … It just woke us up, it gave us the spark we needed.

“A lot of guys have motivation that they might be playing for the money or their family or just because they love it. But when Tom said ‘We’re playing for honor’ and for the last names on our back, I think that kind of hit different for us.”

Directly after the Super Bowl win, Fournette also told media how Brady would text his teammates "we will win" every night at 11 p.m. leading up to the big game.