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Pats Appear Ready for Mac at Quarterback: Unchecked

Mac Jones is going to test Bill Belichick’s commitment to Cam Newton quickly, and I’d be surprised if the Patriots aren’t starting a rookie QB come Week 1.

I’ve always been a fan of Cam, in his prime he was one of most individually impactful players in the NFL, hence that MVP he once won. But due to injury attrition he’s been more Cam Kent than Super Cam in recent seasons. Meanwhile, it certainly seems as if the New England fan base is more than ready to turn the page to the Pats next phase, as I don’t believe Newton was ever viewed as more than a transitional quarterback in Foxboro.

That doesn’t mean there’s a need to oversell Jones’ performance in his first preseason game. His numbers weren’t overly impressive. 13-19 for 87 yards hardly jumps off the page, even if he likely was throwing to better receivers at Alabama.

But the one thing Jones did show was a presence and he certainly gave me the feeling he can command Belichick’s annoyingly on schedule offense, with an added dimension in the passing game that Cam may not currently be able to provide. Jones threw the ball down the field further and had what would’ve been a touchdown dime dropped in his debut.

To Newton’s credit he has seemed to be the consummate professional, however, it appears like he may wind up doing his mentoring with a clipboard.

Because while a coach of Belichick’s status probably doesn’t feel pressure, let’s just say all the momentum is with Mac.