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Offensive Pass Interference or a Good Catch? Chris Godwin Scrapes By

Chris Godwin easily had the most chaotic night during Thursday Night Football as Tampa Bay slipped past the Cowboys with a 31-29 victory

The Bucs wide receiver went from tallying the first touchdown of the 2021 NFL season to fumbling the ball on the goal line, allowing Dallas to grab a 29–28 lead with just over a minute to go. He then appeared to pull a fast one over the referees (and the Cowboys), making a crucial catch on a play in which he could have been flagged for offensive pass interference. 

In the final moments of Tampa Bay's 31–29 victory, Brady launched a pass deep left to Godwin for 24 yards that put the team within field goal range with less than 20 seconds to go. However, upon replay, Godwin could be seen pushing Dallas corner Jourdan Lewis, sending him to the ground.  

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Lewis said after the game that the shove was a "toss up," adding, "I can’t call it like that. That’s what the refs saw, no call." Godwin felt "it was a little hand-fighting on both parts."

The critical moment ended up going in the Buccaneers' favor. 

Here's how Twitter weighed in on the matter.

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