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Tom Brady Is Even Bigger as a Buccaneer: Unchecked

We’re way past the point of asking whether Tom Brady leaving the Patriots was the right move for his career, because this guy is so great he’s got me wondering if he could be even bigger as a Buccaneer. 

Not only do I no longer think he’s in decline, but Tom seems to be getting better in his battle with time. Brady isn’t falling off a cliff, instead he’s atop Mount Rushmore with nowhere else to climb and may just carve out his face four times. 

With the likes of Peyton Manning and Drew Brees already retired, it’s absurd that not only has he outlasted his contemporaries, but he’s fresh off besting the next great QB in the Super Bowl and just put on a performance that makes me believe he’s got a chance to win MVP. He’s really given us no reason to believe he can’t play until he’s 50.

Of course circumstances have helped with that. Tampa’s D was integral to winning the trophy and he’s surrounded by the type of skill position players that were severely lacking at the end in New England. But as great as he was with the Pats...Bill Belichick, the system and the Patriot way were used by some to discredit his success. He alone is the man in Tampa. And his presence is clearly the reason for Gronk’s renaissance and Antonio Brown’s resurgence. 

Plus, with his personality on display he’s become more likable and feels like a larger celebrity. That wouldn’t mean anything without the performance to back it up, but at this point there’s no way I’m doubting him capturing ring number eight. 

Tom Brady is simply lapping the field when he should be out to pasture. He might as well be saying on your left to the rest of the NFL.