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Let’s Say Nice Things About the Bills & Refs I The MMQB Podcast

Chiefs take another L, Bills are on fire, Justin Herbert for MVP? And much more

The Chiefs fall again, this time on Sunday Night Football. Jenny, Conor and Gary run down how it’s going wrong for K.C., from the defense’s disappearing stars to the offense’s lack of patience. But also, a look at how the Bills finally got their white whale, scoring a convincing road win in the elements.

Then, a discussion of the undeniably beautiful game between the Chargers and the Browns, in which Justin Herbert continued to establish himself as an MVP favorite, and the undeniably not-as-beautiful game between the Cardinals and the 49ers, in which you start to wonder how much longer Kyler Murray can be a superhero and exactly what we should have expected from Trey Lance in his first career start.

The Giants limp into Dallas and... well, limp out of Dallas, the Bears win ugly in Vegas, another one for the Urban Meyer lowlight reel with the most bizarre challenge in recent memory, whether the Steelers can repeat Sunday’s impressive offensive performance, the Patriots and the Texans get weird, Matt LaFleur makes things interesting by taking the ball out of Aaron Rodgers’s hands, and much more!

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Bills tight end Dawson Knox leaps into the stands to celebrate his second touchdown catch as Buffalo beat Houston 40-0. Jg 100321 Bills

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Gay Gramling: We have a lot to get to in this show. We have the beauty of that Chargers—Browns game, the not as beautiful Cardinals—49ers game. We got Urban Meyer and his super weird challenge, the Texans' bizarre special teams. Lots of fun stuff coming up, but we are starting it with the Sunday night game, which some of you might have fallen asleep, gone to bed early, missed the end of it ... Like we wish we did. But the very first thing we have to do is—we have a new addition to the show. What do you want to call him? He's a robot ... You know, like the Fox robot? And I don't know if the Fox robot has ever spoken a word. But maybe this is like, the projection of the Fox robot and what his voice would sound like if he was helping out at our podcast,

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Jenny Vrentas: Great idea.

Gay Gramling: But this entity, whatever this might be, is going to introduce the games from now on as we go through them on the Monday show. So with that unforgettable intro, let's get it going.


Conor Orr: I'm not 100 percent prepared to say that that's a he or she, but either way, our new robot can be just a wonderful genderless entity that that carries us through.

Gay Gramling: We're going to need a name in some way, shape or form. So if you'd like to send a name you can send it in. I'm going to nominate Ira, but we can go from there. But yeah, we're starting with the Bills' decisive victory over the Chiefs. A little bit of a white whale type of victory here. Buffalo finally gets it done against Kansas City and in a pretty convincing fashion. They had a really good defensive performance. Also, just a really sloppy game from the Chiefs, which we've said a couple of times this year.

Jenny Vrentas: Yeah, Patrick Mahomes looked a little bit off, also the rest of his offense looked a little bit off. So nothing was in sync. Just nothing seemed easy tonight, and it did look at certain points in time like Mahomes was trying to force it a little bit, and I think he probably knew that he had to, because the defense has really been playing poorly this season, and that continues to be a storyline that because the defense is struggling, there's a lot of pressure on Mahomes to put up points like last week, even against the Eagles, right? He had to keep putting up points well into the fourth quarter and this week against a much better opponent, the game just spun out of reach. 

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