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Derrick Henry Is Built Different: Unchecked

Derrick Henry has stiff-armed his way into the NFL MVP conversation. What makes that even more impressive, it’s a place no running back has any business being.

Not only is the quarterback position far and away the most important and valuable there is, but there are more than a handful of QBs having special seasons. Meanwhile, RBs are becoming more and more replaceable seemingly every single year. Just take a look at your fantasy football league waiver wire whenever a starter goes down to see the claim on the backup, even if most fans didn’t previously know said replacement back’s name.

To take it a step further, Henry doesn’t even play his position the way I think is generally best in today’s league, as more of a pass catching Swiss Army Knife than a traditional battering ram.

However, Henry is built different, as his statistics of 783 yards and 10 touchdowns through six games, and the hapless defenders left in his wake plainly say. He’s gone over 110 in five straight games and has 260 more yards than second place by the way. 

Plus, he’s doing it the season after rushing for 2,000 yards, the benchmark every precedent and expert would tell you meant he was bound for a falloff. Instead he’s on pace to do it again, which would make him the first to do it twice, and obviously back-to-back. He also could set the NFL rushing record in the process.

So, when it comes to value he’s an RB being mentioned with QBs, and as far as peak performance his name now belongs with any runner who has ever played. Because King Henry is making history.