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Report: Baker Mayfield Had ‘No Intention’ of Playing for Browns in 2022

Before agreeing to trade for quarterback Deshaun Watson, the Browns were told they were out of the running for him. That didn’t stop them from pursuing the former Texans quarterback, and Baker Mayfield may be why.

According to Mary Kay Cabot, Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield was not planning on playing for Cleveland in 2022, going as far as to sit out minicamp and training camp until there was a trade.

After the report came out that Watson wouldn’t play in Cleveland, it was reported that Mayfield had requested a trade from the Browns. However, at the time, Cleveland said it was not going to honor Mayfield’s request and keep him on the roster instead. Had Cleveland not been able to land Watson, it would’ve probably led to a standoff between the team and Mayfield.

Things obviously changed when the team agreed to acquire Watson. Now, the Browns are expected to trade Mayfield since they already have his successor in place.

Mayfield has also made it clear he wants to play for the Colts, who are in the market for a new quarterback. However, the Seahawks, Saints and Panthers could all look into trading for the former No. 1 pick.

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