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Attorney Representing Dwayne Haskins’s Widow Responds to Release of Toxicology Report

The attorney representing Dwayne Hasksins’s widow, Kalabrya Haskins, released a statement Monday on behalf of his client shortly after a Miami Herald report divulged the circumstances surrounding his death on April 9. 

The newspaper obtained the autopsy report released by the Broward Medical Examiner’s Office and it revealed that Haskins’s blood-alcohol level was .20 and the fluid level was .24 at the time of his death. The legal blood alcohol content limit in Florida is .08.

“On behalf of Dwayne’s wife, his family, and his memory, and on behalf of the truth, we respectfully request and pray for privacy, for patience, and for the public to withhold any judgment during this period while the law enforcement authorities continue to investigate and conduct their important work,” Rick Ellsley said in the statement.

The report said Haskins was out drinking “heavily” at a nightclub the night before his death, where he reportedly got into a fight and left. The quarterback also tested positive for ketamine and norketamine, drugs that are used as a medical anesthetic but can also be used recreationally.

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Haskins was walking on a “limited access facility” at 6:37 a.m. and attempted to cross the westbound lanes of Interstate 595 in Fort Lauderdale when he was struck by a dump truck. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to the medical examiner’s report, investigators found his car on the side of I-595 with a “female companion” inside the vehicle. The nature of Haskins’s relationship with the unnamed woman was not included in the report. A 911 call from his wife surfaced after his death, where she can be heard telling the operator that her husband was stranded on the side of a highway and had to walk to get gas. At the time of the call, she was in Pittsburgh. 

The medical examiner’s report said Haskins was “reportedly witnessed waving cars down on the shoulder” of I-595 before he was struck.