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A Heated Patrick Mahomes Had to be Held Back From Refs at End of Chiefs’ Loss to Bills

The Bills‘s hotly-contested win over the Chiefs led to a fiery reaction from Patrick Mahomes on Sunday, as the superstar quarterback appeared to take issue with the officiating crew late in the game.

With Kansas City facing fourth-and-15 on the game’s last play, Mahomes fired an incomplete pass to tight end Travis Kelce under heavy pressure.

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A visibly frustrated Mahomes popped back up to his feet to walk toward the Kansas City sideline before violently slamming his helmet on the bench. The veteran QB then turned toward the side judge to starting yelling about the controversial offsides call on the Chiefs that negated a TD on the final drive.

Several Chiefs players attempted to hold Mahomes back while he yelled at the official, which continued for several moments as the final seconds ticked off the game clock.

Here's a closer look at what he yelled: 

Mahomes’s uncharacteristic meltdown added a startling lasting image to an intense ending between the heated rival in a game that Buffalo narrowly won, 20-17.

Here are some more details on his frustrations:

Despite coming up short and losing his temper, however, Mahomes enjoyed another solid effort, as he completed 25-of-43 passes for a game-high 271 yards, one touchdown and an interception.