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Brian Daboll Shares His Epic Advice to Tommy DeVito Before Giants' Game-Winning Drive

As if the Giants’ upset of the Packers couldn’t have been more epic, Giants coach Brian Daboll found a way to up the ante post-game after revealing his final pep talk to quarterback Tommy DeVito.

New York’s stunning 24–22 win on Monday Night Football finished with a game-winning field goal that capped an eight-play, 57-yard drive that saw DeVito complete four consecutive passes for 53 yards to help set up the go-ahead score.

Following the rookie signal-caller’s clutch showing, Daboll fielded a question during his media session about his chat with DeVito on the sideline before the heroics, prompting him to share the epic NSFW advice that set the clutch series in motion.

“It was really nothing,” Daboll told reporters. “Here’s a couple plays you like, go out there and rip that son of a b----. Pretty simple.” 

Given how things played out, DeVito wisely took heed of Daboll’s words, which, if anything, goes to show just how much ice both the QB and his coach have in their veins.

If New York’s Monday showing is any indication, DeVito, who earned his first career game-winning drive, and Daboll, the reigning NFL Coach of the Year, may have formed a possibly season-altering bond on and off the field. And, if the team can keep it up, the 5–8 club, after winning three straight, may have a chance to turn its tumultuous campaign around with four weeks to go.