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49ers Defeat Seattle 27-7, but Lose Trey Lance for the Season

A win against the Seahawks is soured for the 49ers as Trey Lance is set to miss the season with an ankle injury.

Chalk up the first win of the season for the 49ers.

Handling the Seahawks was never going to be difficult for them. All they needed to do was get their running game and defense back on track, especially the defense.

As great as the defense was and cleaned up, the real story of the day here revolves around the quarterback position. Where the 49ers get a win, they suffer a loss at the same time as they have lost Trey Lance for the season with an ankle injury. Jimmy Garoppolo is back in the fold as the starter for the remainder of the season, so the 49ers are running it back with him yet again.

Fans in the stands definitely felt cold water hit their back and it wasn't from the forecasted rain. Seeing Lance in pain and immediately taken off was unreal. It felt like a dream. But it was something that could've been seen from a mile away. Kyle Shanahan, for whatever reason, sees Lance as a true running quarterback when that isn't remotely his strength. It may be what he does best right now, but it does not mean it is sustainable or ideal.

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Shanahan ran Lance into the ground against the Bears and was trending that way again in this one against the Seahawks. A designed run for Lance saw him suffer his injury and possibly the end of his season before it even got started. The fault lies entirely on the shoulders of Shanahan. He is running Lance into the ground knowing full well he is exposing him to further risk of being injured. But Shanahan does not care because he knows he has a capable backup in Garoppolo to fill in should Lance miss time due to an injury.

So to Shanahan, why not dial up Lance as a runner a lot since he does that well and isn't fully developed as a passer yet? It is what is best for the offense in Shanahan's eyes despite the risk of an injury. And sure enough, an injury occurred. Shanahan could care less about Lance the player. He'll have remorse for Lance the person, but none for Lance the player. If Garoppolo was not on this team as a backup, Shanahan does not run Lance anywhere near the same. I feel strongly about that.

Now, the 49ers will paint themselves as geniuses for retaining Garoppolo even though they completely whiffed on trading him. Boy, do the 49ers love to make it seem like they are always doing the smart move. At the end of the day, the 49ers are still a strong team even with Garoppolo. The NFC is weak, so they should still make the playoffs. But we've all seen this story play out with Garoppolo at the helm before.

And it is sure to be the same this year with a disappointing playoff exit.