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49ers Offense Falls Asleep in 10-11 Loss to the Broncos

The offense of the 49ers was asleep for the whole game in their loss to the Broncos.

Feeling sleepy?

Don't blame you. That game was a complete snoozefest. It felt like being stuck in rush hour traffic with the way the game played out. My goodness was it boring. If you ever have trouble sleeping, just play back this game instead of melatonin. All of the sleepiness in this game stemmed from the offense, which is ridiculous considering the head coach is offensive oriented. The 49ers offense fell asleep in their 10-11 loss to the Broncos.

This game was severely lacking from the offense. No slander will be tolerated against the defense. DeMeco Ryans had his side balling out. If Kyle Shanahan was a wholesome person, then he would donate his gamecheck from today to Ryans. He was bailed out and carried from Ryan's. There is no question about that. The defense was nothing short of elite. Even with the touchdown, the first one, let up at the end, is fine.

They were on the field for the majority of the game, yet only had one touchdown drive allowed? ANY team will sign up for that from their defense. The offense on other hand could not do anything outside of their ONE touchdown drive. It was pathetic to see. Shanahan has a lot of tinkering and reflection to do after this game. He no longer has a gifted quarterback in Trey Lance. Jimmy Garoppolo is the guy the rest of the way. He NEEDS to be perfect in order to sustain a successful offense with him.

But hey! This is apparently what some players wanted. If you put any stock into the reports of players believing they are "better" to win now with Garoppolo, then you are now shown how delusional those players are. The only way those players believe they are better with Garoppolo is because they are close/good friends with him. No way should they see him play a game like that and feel they are better off with him and not Lance.

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This team right now is not playoff caliber.

Let's just be real about it. The offensive line needs to be great with Garoppolo back there. And with Trent Williams injured and possibly out for an unknown amount of time, this is looking like a season that can unravel fast for the 49ers. Speaking of offensive lineman, Mike McGlinchey is atrocious as a pass protector. He is good for nothing outside of run blocking. He is poised not to return to the 49ers next year.

At least, there isn't a single worry with the defense. They held up greatly against Russell Wilson. He wasn't even good in this game, which is a credit to Ryans and his side. All of the concerns lie with the offense. It is JUST like last season. The offense had zero rhythm, while the defense kept them alive. Not even Deebo Samuel can be the savior of the offense. That role was reserved for Lance with his abilities that brought a new dynamic to the offense.

Now, the 49ers are back to the same old tricks and no one is falling for them. Not even the middling Broncos. A lot of reflection is needed on the part of Shanahan, Garoppolo, and the entire offense. This season will stay alive if they can get a hold of the steering wheel.

I just wouldn't be confident in that happening.