49ers Express Concerns about Playing on MetLife Stadium Turf

Grant Cohn

Two 49ers players tore their ACLs on the MetLife field last Sunday -- Nick Bosa and Solomon Thomas. Now the 49ers have to play on that surface again this Sunday.

How will they psychologically get themselves up to play confidently and at full speed on that turf? That's the question of the week.

Here's how a few 49ers answered it.

KYLE SHANAHAN: "If you're playing, you better be confident and full speed. The NFL and NFLPA is having people look at it. We'll go with that. If they don't find anything, you go out there and play. Other people tore their ACL in this league last week and they weren't all on turf. You know how we felt about it. We'll see what the professionals say. Hopefully we'll learn something."

TRENT WILLIAMS: "I'll be lying if I say we're not going to think about it or it's not going to go across your mind. But when you have a 300-pound lineman in front of you who's trying to put you on your back, the surface falls to the backburner. For me, that's what it's going to be. Obviously with seeing people go down and feeling that turf and knowing where it's at as a playing surface, you do get a little nervous. But I'll just pray before the game that I'm protected, and I'll go out there and give it my all, and whatever happens happens I guess."

ROBERT SALEH: "For me an our messaging, there are things you have control over and things you don't have control over. If you worry about the things you have no control over, you're going to take away from the energy that you can exhaust on things you do have control over. And so with regards to the playing surface, we don't have control over it. We're going to be there playing on Sunday. And if you spend your time thinking about the surface, it's probably going to lead to an injury just because you're not exhausting the energy you can to be a football player. And so, I can appreciate their thoughts and sentiments and how they're feeling but, at the same time, when we strap it up you have to think about the things you have control over, dominate your controllables and go play to play and pray that the good lord is watching over you and that you'll have a heck of a day.

FRED WARNER: "I'm a big believer of controlling the control;ables, controlling what I can control. The playing surface we're playing on on Sunday, I have no control over that. I'm letting everybody else handle that. The only thing I can do is prepare for the Giants. That's what me and my guys are going to do."

BEN GARLAND: "I think the field is terrible."

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