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John Lynch on Jamal Adams: "Of course you'd be Interested."

John Lynch is a man of integrity.

John Lynch is a man of integrity.

On Monday, the 49ers general manager gave a brief, one-sentence statement saying he “never made a call” about trading for All Pro safety Jamal Adams. A statement which created the impression the 49ers weren’t ever interested in the best strong safety in the NFL, which would have been absurd, considering Adams was interested in playing for them.

On Tuesday, Lynch went on KNBR in San Francisco to clarify his statement and answer follow-up questions, because he genuinely wants to be as truthful as possible. He didn’t leave a cushy job at Fox to become a liar for the 49ers.

Here what Lynch said: “Were we interested? Of course you’d be interested in a player like that. Is it a reality? No. Kyle (Shanahan) and I always have conversations. Is this something we should pursue? Then you start looking into it. And the way we’re built, we’re getting up there against the cap, the things we have planned for the future, what’s happening with the pandemic to the cap, that just wasn’t a reality for us. It wouldn’t be No. 1 on our list to see the Seahawks get him, but there he is.”

Here’s how I interpret Lynch’s explanation:

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One: He clearly isn’t happy the Seahawks got Adams, even if they might have overpaid for him. I’m guessing the 49ers were shocked when they learned the Seahawks got him.

Two: Lynch was honest and acknowledged that there was mutual interest between the 49ers and Adams at one time, which I reported when I said a trade between the two sides was “picking up steam.” Lynch also said the 49ers started looking into trading for Adams, and determined he was too expensive.

Fair enough.

When the 49ers initially considered trading for Adams, they thought the salary cap would drop in 2020 and 2021, then rise again big time in 2022. But this past week, the NFL and NFLPA agreed the loss of revenue will affect the next five salary caps, not just the next two. So the cap won’t go up drastically again for half a decade, and so the 49ers decided they couldn’t afford Adams.

Fair enough.

I always appreciate Lynch’s honesty and candor. He should speak more often.