Fred Warner Discusses the NFL's New Vaccination Protocol

"I am vaccinated. I'm a person that guys can come to to ask questions about it or voice their concerns."
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Here are the highlights from Fred Warner's post-contract-extension press conference.

Q: "The league informed teams that if any team that has a Covid outbreak during the season, that game will be forfeited and both teams will not get paid their game checks. So that's an issue. You being one of the leaders in the locker room, what are your thoughts on that? Have you had any conversations with your teammates or players around the league about that specific topic and vaccination as a whole?"

WARNER: "The vaccination conversation has been going on for a majority of the offseason before this news even came out. The team has done a great job informing players about the vaccine to try to help guys feel comfortable about it. At the end of the day, everyone makes their own decision. That's something you have to respect. I am vaccinated. I'm a person that guys can come to to ask questions about it or voice their concerns. That's all I'm trying to be -- a tool for people to use, a resource if somebody has a question they want to ask me. I'm always open to answer."

Q: Lots of players are motivated from slights in their past. Was there anything that happened in your past that makes you feel vindicated?

WARNER: "Actually, I'd say no. I say that only because I've never played the game out of spite. I like to think more about the people who helped me get to this point and build me up. It has taken so so much to get to this point. It took a lot of people pulling me along and helping me develop my skills, my physical and mental ability. It's time to give thanks and be grateful for those who helped me get here. That's how I play the game. I play for those that I love and the people I care for. It's never because I hold grudges. When people doubt me, that is fuel to my fire, but I'm confident in my ability because of the way I work. That's why I'm happy to have this moment and include as many people as I could in it."