Apologies to Jaquiski Tartt and other 49ers

Grant Cohn

I have something I need to get off my chest.

Last week, I wrote that the 49ers should trade Jaquiski Tartt and a first-round pick for Jets disgruntled strong safety Jamal Adams, and I may have been wrong. The day after I wrote the article, an agent contacted me and said Adams is a “turd” who will not mesh with the 49ers locker room.

Who knew?

Tartt, the 49ers current strong safety whom Adams would replace, is NOT a turd. Tartt is a good teammate who fits in. And he’s a solid player.

When I wrote the article about Adams, I tweeted a question asking 49ers fans if they would trade Tartt and a first-round pick for Adams. Roughly 15 minutes later, Tartt responded to my tweet. He wrote, “I hope you get the answers you looking for...lol.”

As always, Tartt was a terrific sport and a great guy.

I want you to know, Jaquiski, I’ve always enjoyed and admired you. Please accept my humble apology for doubting you. Let’s make a fresh start.

And while we’re at it, here are the other 49ers I’d like to make a fresh start with:

Arik Armstead.

Dante Pettis.

Nick Bosa.

Jerick McKinnon.

Kendrick Bourne.

Kwon Alexander.

Kyle Juszczyk.

C.J. Beathard.

Kyle Shanahan.

Jed York.

John York.

Denise York.

And a special shout out to Jimmy Garoppolo, whom I’ve been hard on lately. I blame my father, who’s always going on about Joe and Steve. I hope I haven’t hurt your feelings, Jimmy, and I promise to judge you on your own. Forget my father.

If you guys are up for it, I’ll bring the pizza.

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Mitchell Alan
Mitchell Alan

I don't mind when my favorite sportswriter has a bit of an ego, so he can give and take the heat from some of the monster egos he deals with all week long.


Old Dogs, no new tricks. You have made fresh start Grant and your writing and videos are really cooking. But you will get nowhere with the snark. How about leaving that with the P-D? Your Pops really brings that out in you. Give it a thought Iggy...


Hi Grant,
I used to post on the "other blog." Went by George. Wish you all the best in your new endeavor.
Imo, you need to learn a bit of humility, but certain you will.
Still enjoy your articles/videos.

Savalas (George was taken. I tried Telly but it was too short for SI)


Grant you can buy from my Pizza Joint in San Jose BOSSMAN'S PIZZA and I will give you discount too - FYI we had Iupati Family, Vernon Davis and most recently Sheldon Day purchase from us


Nice job Grant