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Jim Mora Jr.'s Scouting Report of Zach Wilson

"He could be the guy who leads them to another Super Bowl."
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The 49ers will draft one of the top rookie quarterbacks on Thursday.

The past few days, former 49ers defensive coordinator Jim Mora Jr. has given his scouting reports for Justin Fields, Mac Jones and Trey Lance. Now, here's Mora Jr.'s scouting report for Zach Wilson.

Stay tuned for Mora Jr.'s ranking of the quarterbacks, and who he thinks the 49ers should draft.

MORA Jr.: "I think a real close comparison is Aaron Rodgers. I watch Zach throw the football and it's a beautiful ball. I see him throwing to his left, throwing to his right. I see him throwing from the pocket. I see him creating in and out of the pocket. I see him throwing with great accuracy. I see him being protective of the football. I see him being able to buy time in the pocket, out of the pocket, remain a threat as a passer, not tuck and run too soon, find guys late in the down for big plays, and I see his demeanor and his poise, and that reminds me of Aaron Rodgers. I'm not predicting that he'll have the career that Rodgers has, but that's who he reminds me of. 

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"I think that if he falls and the Jets don't take him -- I've got to believe they're going to, but we don't know -- that he would be an amazing fit for what Kyle Shanahan wants to do and with the 49ers organization. He could be the guy who leads them to another Super Bowl.

"The issue is the level of competition and production over the course of his entire career. Those are the questions you have. But this is a mature young man. He displays it on the field, off the field, in his interviews. He doesn't say the wrong thing. I think he's going to represent an organization well. And I've really grown to appreciate his game."

Q: Some people question his frame and his durability -- he's had surgery and both labrums. Does that concern you as a coach?

MORA Jr.: "Yeah. At this point, everything concerns you. If he has a hang nail, oh my goodness! Is going to heal?! Everything concerns you. When you're talking about labrums for a quarterback, yeah it concerns you. Drew Brees was almost out of the league for shoulder surgeries. Now he's going to Canton. 

"There are risks you have to take. When you play this game, you're going to get beat up a little bit. I would be certain that the 49ers have done their research on his injuries and know everything there is to know in terms of the recovery he went through, the strength he rebuilt, who did the procedure, what their opinions were after the procedure. I don't know that that's going to be a huge concern. Very few players out of college football unscathed. And the way he threw it in 2020, it looked pretty good."