How Ross Dwelley Killed Aaron Donald's Vibe

Dwelley doesn’t seem violent by nature, but don’t push him.

Ross Dwelley is a chiller.

He likes to vibe and hang with his bros. He doesn’t seem violent by nature, but don’t push him. Because if you do, you will unleash Red Ross, and he will kill your vibe.

Aaron Donald unleashed Red Ross this past Sunday’s during the 49ers 23-20 upset victory over the Los Angeles Rams. Donald is the best player in the NFL, and he says he’s never heard of Deebo Samuel, so he almost certainly doesn’t know who Dwelley is.

Dwelley introduced himself early in the second half this past Sunday. Dwelley went in motion, and then dove full speed into Donald’s knees to block him during a run play. Donald didn’t get out the way quick enough or brace for contact, so Dwelley took him down. And as they went to the ground, Donald pushed Dwelley’s head into the turf as hard as he could. The refs didn’t throw a flag -- they probably hadn’t heard of Dwelley, either. He’s just a chill backup tight end who doesn’t call attention to himself, bro.

But now, Dwelley had transformed, and Red Ross was out for revenge.

On the key play of the final drive, when Raheem Mostert ran up the middle to make the game-winning field goal shorter, Dwelley once again went in motion and dove at Donald. But this time, Dwelley didn’t dive at Donald’s legs. He dove straight into Donald’s chest and snapped Donald's head forward. He crumpled, Mostert picked up the yards the 49ers needed, Robbie Gould made the field goal and the 49ers won.

Then Dwelley went home and chilled, most likely.

Check out Dwelley's best blocks from the Rams game below: