JaMycal Hasty Already is One of the Best Players on the 49ers Offense

So the 49ers didn't follow my advice and start JaMycal Hasty against the Patriots.
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So the 49ers didn't follow my advice and start JaMycal Hasty against the Patriots.

Instead, they started Jeff Wilson Jr. And you can't knock the decision. Wilson ran like Jim Freaking Brown in this game before he left with a high-ankle sprain.

But when Hasty got a chance to play, he showed how impossible it will be to keep on the bench going forward.

3:32 Second Quarter. First and 20 at SF 21.

This is Hasty's first touch of the game. It's a catch in the flat, but it's basically an extended handoff. He catches the ball at his knees, runs around one defender, runs past free safety Devin McCourty, runs into Brandon Aiyuk, throws him into the Patriots sideline and gains 20 yards on first and 20. Welcome to the game, JaMycal.

3:14 Third Quarter. First and 10 at NE 48.

This is a toss to Hasty's left. As he approaches the line of scrimmage, there doesn't appear to be a hole for him to run through. It looks like he's going to get stopped for a one-yard gain. But no, Hasty slips through a tiny crack like prime Frank Gore and gains six yards all on his own.

2:27 Third Quarter. Second and 4 at NE 42.

Here's Hasty's next carry. This time, he's in the shotgun. As soon as he gets the ball, there are defenders in his face, and once again it seems there's no hole and this run is doomed for failure. But Hasty cuts back all the way across the formation, jumps outside an linebacker who's trying to set the edge and gains six yards. Hasty is the only player on the team who can make this jump cut.

1:42 Third Quarter. First and 10 at NE 36.

Hasty starts by running to his left, but the Patriots cave in that side of the 49ers offensive line. So again, Hasty cuts back to his right, jumps outside the linebacker setting the edge and gains six yards. This time, the linebacker falls on his face. Hasty has that effect on people.

7:05 Fourth Quarter. First and 10 at SF 31.

At this point, the 49ers lead 33-6 and the game is almost over. Hasty is in the I-formation and the Patriots are stacking the box to stop the run. Hasty patiently runs to his right and waits for a hole to materialize, but there isn't one. Eventually, he finds the tinniest sliver of daylight between Mike McGlinchey and Kendrick Bourne, jumps through it and gains nine yards.

Only Hasty can slip through cracks like that.

Hasty is so much fun to watch. The 49ers have to give him more opportunities.

Watch the full breakdown below: