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Kyle Juszczyk Explains why the Run Game is So Mediocre

Is it the scheme, the blocking or the running backs?

The 49ers had the entire bye week to study their offense figure out why their running game is so mediocre.

Is it the scheme, the blocking or the running backs?

And after much research and deliberation, the 49ers have decided it's the running backs' fault.

"We've had a lot of different guys in the backfield who have had to shoulder the load each and every game," Pro Bowl fullback Kyle Juszczyk said on Thursday. "It's been a little tough for guys to get some momentum and start to figure it out. You can't forget that we have two rookies and JaMycal Hasty, a second-year guy who was on practice squad a lot last year. These guys are going to continue to learn and get better and understand this system and grow."

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This is an odd conclusion. The 49ers do have two rookie running backs -- Elijah Mitchell and Trey Sermon -- but Sermon has played well the past two games. He's averaging 4.8 yards per his carry over his past 20 carries. He was the 49ers' third-round pick, and they traded up for him.

It seems the issue with the 49ers running game involves them not getting Sermon the ball enough. But Juszczyk thinks the solution is longer runs. So far, Sermon's longest run of the season is 16 yards.

"I feel like that's what defines this league and makes great offenses is when you see these explosive plays," Juszczyk said. "It's tough in this league to go up and down the field, 10-12 play drives, consistently do that and go score touchdowns. So I do think that's a big difference and something we've stressed this week, those explosives. It definitely hurts not having Raheem Mostert, who's the king of explosive runs. But I do think we have it in these young backs, and I think they're going to figure out what they need to do to make that stuff happen. 

The backs are not the issue, and neither is the loss of Mostert. The offense simply needs to call more runs for Sermon. 

Issue solved.