Shanahan and Garoppolo on the Time the 49ers Tried to Trade for Aaron Rodgers

At one point this offseason, it seemed Rodgers might play for the 49ers in 2021.
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This weekend, the 49ers will play against Aaron Rodgers. But at one point this offseason, it seemed Rodgers might play for the 49ers in 2021.

According to reports, on the day of the draft, the 49ers offered the No. 3 pick, plus other picks and Jimmy Garoppolo to the Packers in exchange for Rodgers, who is disgruntled and wants to leave Green Bay. The Packers declined the offer.

"I thought it would be a quick, 'No,'" head coach Kyle Shanahan said on Wednesday. "And it wound up exactly what I thought it would be. But you hear enough stuff -- everyone knew what was going on at that time. It didn't seem like it was worth the call, but I know how we would have felt if it was going to happen and we didn't call. You call them, you get a quick answer, which is what you're expecting, and you move on."

Good to know that Shanahan has moved on.

Has Jimmy Garoppolo?

"I probably heard it through Twitter or something like that," Garoppolo said. "I honestly didn't get any inkling of it or anything like that. That's just how the offseason goes. Teams are always trying to look for something new, something better. That's just kind of the nature of the beast I guess."

Doesn't sound like Garoppolo has moved on. It sounds like the 49ers' numerous attempts to replace him, such as this failed trade attempt, plus the pick of Trey Lance, have brought out Salty Jimmy, which seems to be the best Jimmy, at least for now.